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Me stylin' in my tux, circa 1995 or so.

Antaeus Feldspar: The Unauthorized Autobiography

The Story They Tried To Tell -- But No One Was Interested!

Howdy, folks! Welcome to my home page and the attendant whimsy...

A short FAQ about my chosen pseudonym A little section about me, including links to some of my works.
Failed Pilots Playhouse Plugs for some of my favorite things. 

The first point to understand about the difference between integrity and honesty is that a person may be entirely honest without ever engaging in the hard work of discernment that integrity requires: She may tell us quite truthfully what she believes without ever taking the time to figure out whether what she believes is good and right and true.

-- Stephen L. Carter

A Short FAQ Regarding My Chosen Pseudonym

1. How do you pronounce "Antaeus?" an-TAY-yus. The name comes from Greek mythology; Antaeus was a giant whose strength was greater even than that of Hercules, but only as long as he was in contact with the Earth.

2. How do you spell that? One letter at a time. I recommend looking it up on my home page if you're uncertain.

3. Who or what is "Feldspar?" Any of a group of minerals, principally aluminosilicates of potassium, sodium, and calcium, characterized by two cleavages at right angles.

4. The hell? You'll have to ask a mineralogist; I don't understand a word of it either. I just liked the sound of the word "feldspar."

5. Is it hard to buy blouses that fit? What with your two cleavages at right angles and all? Shut up.

A Little About Me

Very often, you'll find me off in a corner, squinting at some thick book on programming computers in a new language, or swearing as I try to work out a tricky section of pseudo-code to implement a compression algorithm. What? What do I do for fun? That is what I do for fun.

But seriously. I do enjoy programming, but most of my programming projects have been put on hold until I finish my Creative Writing MFA (estimated finish around December 1999.) Late-breaking news: It's finally done! Now that the diploma is up on my wall, this page, and my other projects, will be updated much more regularly. I hope. I mostly write long prose fiction, but I do make occasional forays into non-fiction, playwrighting, and short stories. Some of them can be found on this web site or on the net.

Failed Pilots Playhouse

This website is home to Failed Pilots Playhouse, a celebration of TV pilots that never became series. If you're a fan of TV history, check it out to see what almost made it onto the schedule.


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