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Failed Pilots Playhouse

The proud home of that which never went anywhere else

Loosely based on a fever-dream notion by David Tabb (Thanks, Dave!)

No, this page is not dedicated to Amelia Earhart and "Wrong Way" Corrigan. It's the failed pilots of television that we celebrate here -- samples of proposed series that somehow never earned a spot on the schedule.

Why celebrate these failed pilots? Just because they didn't get rewarded with a network spot doesn't mean they were bad; some of them were actually very good, and probably would have made excellent series. (In fact, Star Trek and Forever Knight are examples of series whose pilots were considered failures at first, yet went on to become series with extensive fanbases.)

Then again, some were undeniably bad. And as any fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 can tell you, the very bad indeed can have its own special charm.

Finally, this page could potentially be a resource for authors of fan-fiction. To have all the information given to the audience about the series, and yet not have the series itself to compete with -- wonderful! Isn't the failed pilot great for that very reason? You can imagine how great the series that followed would have been, and the series itself never shows up to disappoint you.

There are already entries for the following pilots:

Some of the pilots we are hoping to gather information for:

If you can provide information on any of these pilots, or others not listed here, please mail the page maintainer.

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