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How are we revolutionizing entertainment?
One story at a time.


About the OSFic Project

The OSfic Project intends to demonstrate that good entertainment doesn't have to come from big corporations. High-quality work can be created by giving volunteer participants the freedom and the forum to build on each others' work -- creating a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.


The big city can be a dangerous place -- especially for a young wizard with the duty of protecting it.

Summer Loving

Friends and lovers, and one magical summer at the Japanese seashore.


They saved the Earth from invasion. And then came the fall from glory.


In the aftermath of a mysterious disaster, he travels far and wide, solving mysteries -- and seeking clues to the truth about the mysterious Woman In White.

  • Twilight FAQ in progress


Each danger has a human face, and human feelings. But if they fail, the tragedy of Emmeline Gray will repeat itself.

  • Emmeline FAQ in progress